Monday, December 28, 2009

Hayden's First Christmas

Ahh... Christmas. You've come and gone so quickly this year. I actually had a big ol' blog written explaining all about this year's Christmas, but then this dumb blog site froze on me. I actually am pretty sick of having to upload only 5 pictures at a time, and having to really think about the order in which to upload because it uploads backwards. It's really annoying. Anyway... enjoy our Christmas through pictures instead of words!

Christmas Eve Eve...
Mt. Lemmon!

Cookie Making!

So tired from such a long and busy day...
Christmas Eve...
Celebrating with Grandma and Great Grandma!

Opening her first present!

Christmas Eve service

Christmas Day!

I got peanut earrings in a Tiffany's bag as a gag gift... utter disappointment.

And all in all, Christmas was a success. Hayden truly scored present wise! She was exhausted from all of the Christmas excitement! I can't wait to see her at Christmas next year and enjoy her really knowing what's going on. (Ok... well... at least a little bit more!) I hope you all enjoyed your Christmases as well!

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Stephanie said...

What beautiful photos! I particularly like the ones in the snow. Don't you just love how we can drive right up the mountain and see the white stuff...and then drive right back down to warmer weather? Tucson is fantastic!

P.S. Her little plaid hat in that last photo is too cute.

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