Friday, March 27, 2009

26 weeks

We had our 2nd ultrasound at St. Joe's today and got good news! 
A) The baby is right on track with growth and everything looks great!
B) Right now the baby is 1 lb 14 oz.
C) She's still a GIRL!!

Will couldn't get out of work to make the appointment but my mom came with me.  We got to see her opening and closing her mouth and sticking out her tongue!! 

Man.... my little girl's so cute already!! At least I think so!

Here's her face!! She has her little fists up by her face!

Here's her baby foot!
Here's her profile with her fist up at her face!
Here's her face again... It looks ghostly!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Glucose or 3 sticks...

Stick 1--- I had my lovely glucose test today... I PASSED!! Woo Hoo!! It was supposed to be lower than 135 and mine was 129! That orange drink was very sweet and not enjoyable, but I downed it in about a minute, I just wanted to get it done.  

Stick 2--- On the other hand, my hemoglobin was too low.  It was 9.8, when it should be around 12.  That means that I have to take an iron supplement.  Much better than having to do a 3 hour glucose test or poke myself and give myself shots 4 times a day.  BUT... this was a finger prick test! HOLY CRAP that hurt sooooooooooooooo bad!!!!! Now, I have to do it AGAIN at my next appointment to see if it's gone up.  Oh I hope so!!  I don't want my finger pricked again!!

Stick 3--- I had to get a Rhogam shot.  That's because Will's A+ blood type and I'm O-.  Thus, this pregnancy will be fine, but the next one... maybe not.  My blood could essentially fight off Will's blood and make miscarriages possible.  So, I had to get this shot, and I'll have to get one after I deliver.  I'll have to do it again with each pregnancy in the future.

Monday, March 23, 2009

26 week appointment

Well, today I had my 26 week appointment, even though I'm actually 25 wk 6 days.  Everything looked great.  I told Dr. Mainman that I didn't really feel Charli moving around too much the last couple of days.  He put me on a monitor, but Charli didn't like being monitored and kept moving around (which I guess proved that she was just fine!) She was... 

Thursday I have my dreaded Gluclose test.  They kept trying to get me to come in first thing in the morning, but alas... my job doesn't easily permit these kinds of things.  They told me I can't eat 2 hrs before the appointment, which is fine.  My lunch time is at 10:45am, and I really don't get time to eat after that anyway, so my appointment is at 3:30pm.  I guess I'm just going to have to miss our faculty meeting.  It should be okay.

My busy baby week continues with Friday having to go back to St. Joe's to have my 2nd anatomy ultrasound.  Hopefully this one will tell us that she's back where she should be.  If she's still a couple of days smaller than she should be, it should be just fine though.  I know she's growing because my belly is!

I'm really excited because my next appointment is in 3 weeks, not 4! Then, after that appointment, I start my every 2 weeks appointments!! That means that we're getting closer!!  

I just got a really cool tummy mat/play thing-a-ma-jigger from my friend Julie Parker! It's really cool! With everything that we've gotten already,  I just can't wait until Charli is here!! It still seems like such a fantasy that we'll have a baby in 3 months.  Sometimes, it doesn't even seem real.  I so excited to hold my little girl!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The new name and new room... kinda

Here's Charli's new stroller! How exciting!

The stroller and car seat separated.
Yes, we've decided... Her name is now Charli Isabella, this was an easy fix! Just needed a C and an I!
Baby's room!

Friday, March 20, 2009


We're thinking of changing Harlow to Charli.... So many doubts are racing through about Harlow.  It just doesn't feel very cute to me anymore.  The name sign didn't take me long at all, I can re-do that.  We liked Charlotte from the beginning and calling her Charli.  Now I'm thinking that since Will is just Will and not William, and my dad is Danny and not Daniel, we've got the nickname thing going in our family.  Then we could spell it with an i, like me, thus Charli.... hmmmmm.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

25 weeks

Let's start this off with the beautiful stroller we've picked out at Babies R Us.  My mom and grandma are going to get this for us!! I'm so excited! It's wonderful! If you can't tell, it's teal, green, and brown.  Very much neutral, so if we have another baby, it should still work.  

Now, I suppose this is a better picture of me than last time.  Here I am today, exactly 25 weeks.  It's really exciting to be this far along already!! Scary too! I'm 6 months along, and it's crazy to think I have roughly 3 more months left to go.  I'm suspecting it's going to go pretty quickly with how busy I am.  I'll be graduating from NAU with my masters when I'm 32 weeks pregnant! Oy! 
I'm really excited that on April 7th I officially enter my third trimester!! April 25th is my baby shower too! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

24 weeks

Ok, so... A) I look horrible in every pregnancy picture I take.  Apparently Harlow has drained any kind of "pretty" I once had...  but... here's me at 24 wks 4 days.

Here's Harlow's completed room.  We love it! It's bright and cheery.  We got the glider and changing table today and just finished figuring out where to put them in her room.  
We shifted the dresser over and the changing table is loaded up with all the newborn diapers we have and some wipes.  Alas, we are in need of the other necessities.  
Here's the comfy rocker that we got, it's very nice.  
My creativity came out today, sadly... it's not much.  I did manage to make Harlow's name though.  I think it's pretty.  
This is the view from the door way.  I think this is about as good as her room's going to get!! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

23 weeks exactly

So here we are... 23 weeks!! I can't believe it!! My belly is definitely bigger... note the picture.  I feel Harlow moving a lot now! Will's even felt her move! It's such an amazing feeling! Please forgive me for looking exhausted in this picture... it's been a very long day.  Will normally takes my picture but right now he's in Biology until 10:30pm.  I'm not waiting up.  Sorry.  I'm as exhausted as I look. 

Here's Harlow's room! Will put the shelving unit and the flowers and butterfly up Sunday and Monday.  Oy those shelves sure gave him a fight.  I just left him to curse up a storm at the wall and the shelves... but they look great!! I found those glittery flowers when we went to Babies R Us to register this weekend! Will picked out the butterfly. It's so cute! 

Speaking of Babies R Us... our registry is up online so, you know... feel free to check it out and... if you feel so compelled... we need that stuff! :o)

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