Sunday, April 26, 2009

My baby shower!

My first baby shower was yesterday! It was a lot of fun and I'm so happy that people came to help us prepare for Charli! 

Here I am the day of the shower at 30 weeks 4 days.

Mom preparing for the shower.

Grandma preparing for the shower.

Charli's cake!
Faith, myself, and Georgia!

Tarra, Lori, and Georgia.

4 generations
Cindy, Melanie, Faith, Jen, and Tarra
All the presents!

Enjoying food...

Melanie, Tresa, Lindsey, Me, Breanne, and Vickie!

Lindsey trying to be pregnant looking... it's not working for her!

My girls


Yay for presents!

Mom aka Grandma

Mom and Me

Ashley's baby shower

Ashley is my step sister and she's due June 5th! She's not finding out what she's having and we had her baby shower on April 11th.  The pictures are nearing the end of the shower... there was about 100 people there and my step mom planned for 60.  Eek.  Ashley's belly is so much bigger than mine, but she is skinny and all belly! Her belly is so cute!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Evil BEE!

So, leaving Texas Roadhouse for Will's birthday dinner with Dad and Gail... I met a bee.  Well, this wasn't a nice encounter.  No... it was an unexpected encounter.  I got in the truck and then the PAIN happened.  My right ring finger stung like a ..... LOT!  I looked down and there was the vicious bee sitting on my leg, and the stinger in my finger.  I shook my hand and my Tiffany & Co. ring went flying in the truck.  Will flicked the stinger and the then proceed to be my hero and try to suck the poison from my wound.  Man, did that thing throb!  We iced it when we got home and everything seems to be okay now.  No allergic reaction thankfully! I was scared, especially being pregnant!  We couldn't find my ring in the car, so I was really scared that it fell out of the truck when we flicked the bee outside.  Just as we were about to go back to the parking lot to look for it, Will found it in my purse! Yay!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Curse of the sausage feet

I have them!! Ahhhh!! 28wk 1day and my feet are swollen! That's the problem with teaching on your feet all day.  Oh man.  

Monday, April 6, 2009

3rd Trimester!

I can't believe I'm finally in my 3rd trimester!! (Or as my co-worker, Aaron, calls it... the fat-mester)... he's so sensitive.  Haha! 
I'm actually cheating a little bit because technically it starts tomorrow, but I have work then class till 9:30pm.  I thought I'd just get a head start on this picture and blog.  I don't think too much is going to change overnight.  

So, apparently now,  Charli is roughly 15.75 inches tall and 2.4lbs! She's getting closer to being fully cooked! How exciting!! Equally exciting is that I'm supposed to have gained 17-24 lbs by now and as of my last appt. I'd only gained 9lbs! Holla!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adventures of the Sleepy Wrap

As my 2nd trimester comes to a close, I've come to a point where I can look back and I have a few thoughts...

1.  It's gone really fast! But... each day/week seems to go slow!
2.  I'm really scared that in 12ish weeks we're going to be solely responsible for a tiny person!
3.  I'm really excited that we finally get to meet our little girl in 12ish weeks!!
4.  I'm really gigantic.
5.  My belly still isn't huge, just the whole of me is.  Bummer. 
6.  I'm not as cute as I used to be.  Hopefully, that'll change quickly.
7.  I'm REALLY excited for my upcoming baby showers! (Yes, I said showers... 1. April 25th- mostly work friends.  2. May 16th - mostly church/mom's friends)

On another note, I ordered a Sleepy Wrap! It's so cool! We had to try it out!! Well... ok... I had to try it out and Will was not a willing participant.  I pretty much had to hold him down to get it on him.  Then of course we had to try it with a real baby! Since we didn't have a "REAL" baby... we volunteered Leo to be our baby!! 

We also had our childbirth class at St. Joe's yesterday. It was from 9am-5pm.  Yes... ridiculously long! It was however, interesting.  We took the one day, power session instead of the 5 week class.  I definitely think that is the way to go! I can't imagine 5 weeks of that class! It was very informative, but not a whole lot of stuff that we didn't already know.  I'm still glad we took it, even though it wasted our Saturday.  

We still have a Comfort Measures and Coaching class on April 18th, then a Breastfeeding class on April 29th, and a hospital tour on May 3rd.  I'm excited for those classes!! Especially the Comfort Measures and Coaching because it's supposed to be a lot of massaging of the expectant mother!! Heck yes!! My favorite!!
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