Monday, August 31, 2009

Headbands and tutus galore!

So, I'm having fun making bows, flower, and tutus!! Maybe I'll be able to start up a little business! Hopefully, I'll get a more cooperative model soon. Hayden doesn't like being my model right now, but she does like wearing them. Apparently, by the time I get her to model, she's hungry, and won't wait one more minute! Haha!! So, enjoy the bows, flowers, and the tutu that I've made. I've actually made quite a few other ones, but my model hasn't let me put them on her for pictures as of yet!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

2 months old!

First things first, I am SO incredibly proud of my husband!! He made Staff Sgt! He didn't think he was going to make it this year because it was his first time testing, he has only been a Senior Airman for a year, and the test cut off score went up! BUT... he beat 97% of people who tested! He (and me too!) was so excited!! He won't sew on for about another year, but still, HE MADE IT!!

So my baby is now 2 months old! She gets prettier every single day.  She's smiling and holding her head up so well.  

Here she is on her 2 month birthday, August 20th!

I know this doesn't look comfortable, but I caught her squirming around, so this wasn't really how she was laying!

I wish I could figure out how to load these so they were facing the right way, but I can't, so just turn your head!  I made the headband she's wearing! I think it's pretty cute on a pretty cute little girl!

She sat in her Bumbo for the first time! I know it says in big red letters not to put it on elevated surfaces, but I was right there unloading the dishwasher, and she's not a big wiggle worm yet.

She had her 2 month appointment on Friday, August 21.  Sadly, it was vaccination day.  She had to get 3 shots and one oral vaccination.  
She was unsuspecting at this point and was happy as a clam. (I made this headband too!!)
I had to stop the nurse because she was preparing to take her temperature in her little hiney! HECK NO!! I wouldn't want that for me, so I won't let that happen to her!!

She's now 9lbs, 9oz and 23 inches long! The Dr. said she was long and lean! 70th percentile for height and 25th for weight! Skinny girl, but healthy.  Thankfully she's taking after her daddy in that aspect and not short and fat like her mommy!
Having a nice smily coo session with Dr. Shultz!

Here's my bad mommy moment of the day, I took a picture right after her first shots.  Mean mommy.  But, I wanted to document this occasion.

I had to run to the mall to get my friend, Tresa, a gift for her bachelorette party on Saturday. When I got to the mall, this is the adorable sight I saw.  Uncomfortable yes, but so stinkin' cute!

Later that night, she was really tired from her shots, and not feeling so 100%.  She passed out about 5pm and slept until midnight.  Then ate a little and went back to sleep until about 7am. Here she's cuddling with daddy on the couch.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hayden's First Tiffany's

This was a particularly needy day, and Hayden was only happy when she was in the Sleepy Wrap, cuddled up with me.  Then the doorbell rang! To my surprise, there stood the UPS man with a package for Hayden! 
Then... I opened the box to see a very recognizable blue box with white ribbon!! How exciting!! It was a HUGE box too! I've never seen one so big! Lucky girl!

It was from my great aunt and uncle.  Thanks Aunt Mary and Uncle Henry!

Inside was a beautiful, porcelain bunny piggy bank!! It's so special!

8 weeks!

Hayden is now 8 weeks old! I'm not going to say she's 2 months old, because her 2 month birthday isn't until Thursday, the 20th.  I can't believe how fast this time has gone and how big she is! She's made some pretty good accomplishments like holding her head up really well and having very manly toots! Whew... she's quite a tooter! She has her 2 month appointment on Friday, and I know she has to get some shots.  I'm not looking forward to that!

She loves her smooches!
The two people I can't live without!
My big girl holding her head up! 

She's my little beauty queen! 
My sweet little Junebug!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

7 weeks and a new headband!

I found the best headbands at Aldrich Baby News today!! I'm so excited and so is Hayden!  My new goal is to MAKE some like these.  Now that I have one, it doesn't look hard at all! Tomorrow, I'll be going to Michael's and seeing if I'm skilled enough to create my own!

Hayden at 6 weeks!

This weekend she started to smile on her own!
And... still stare blankly at the camera!
Here we all are!
Smiling at daddy!
Big smiles!

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