Tuesday, March 23, 2010

9 month pigtails and fluffy butt!

I've been thinking about starting to cloth diaper for a while now.  A lot of my friends do it and love it! I had to get Will on board though since he's with Hayden during the day.  Well, I got some gDiapers and we tried them out a couple of times.  I got the flushable inserts for out and about and the cloth inserts for home.  Well, I just ordered 12 more cloth inserts because 6 just isn't going to be enough.  I'll give a further update when  I use them for a while.  They are just so stinkin' cute!  Plus I feel like I'm doing my part a little more with going green.  I'd really like to stay home next year and it may be possible, tight, but possible especially if we do little things to go a little greener, like cloth diapering.  Plus, my friend just shared a recipe for making laundry detergent that I really want to try! 

She's so stinkin' cute if I do say so myself! (The bruise is from falling into the coffee table!)

Helping Mommy with laundry!

Taking monthly pictures is definitely more difficult with her on the move!

I wish this would rotate! Look at that cute fluffy butt! This is one of her cloth diapers!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Attack of the boogies!

Hayden's had her first boogie attack! It started last Saturday.  Poor baby has been dripping from the nose ever since.  She doesn't act sick or anything else, she's just got a bum nose.  We've been keeping the humidifier on in her room, rubbing her with Baby Vicks, and using the booger sucker to suck her boogers.

Anyway, here's some new photos!

Found some address labels to take apart!
Rolling with stickers all over her!
Like mommy like daugher! The girl LOOOVES her shoes! Forget toys!
Trying to escape the camera!
Another favorite activity is organizing DVD's.  Well, maybe not organizing so much as pulling them all out on the bottom shelf and throwing them on the floor and chewing on some.
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