Saturday, June 27, 2009

1 week later!

So, one week after having my precious angel, I have lost 34 lbs!! That's 10 lbs LESS than I was when I got pregnant!!  Holla!! How it happened, I'm not sure! But, I am wearing the Belly Bandit when I get dressed and that helps squeeze everything back in.  You're supposed to wear it 23 hours a day, but I don't feel like it.    

On another note, Hayden has jaundice :o( and has had to get her foot poked and blood tested all week.  Her levels are dropping each day but not enough to stop getting test.  Hopefully today will be the last day of that. 

Oh yah!! Hayden's bellybutton fell of on Day 3! They said around Day 10! It fell off into my shirt! Gross!! :o)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to the world!

Friday morning at 4:30am I was awoken by some very different cramps.  I wasn't sure what it was, I thought my stomach might just be upset.  The cramps didn't really get worse for a while so when Will got up at 6:15am I sent him to work, but told him he might have to come home so keep his phone on him.  I kept cramping and about 8am and called my mom and told her what I was feeling and she said she thought I was probably in early labor.  I wasn't sure, because obviously I had never experienced it before! I called my dad about 9am because he had gone to San Diego on Thursday for Father's Day weekend, even though I told him that it could happen anytime! He just didn't think I'd go 10 days early! He told me to go to the hospital and get checked so he could know if he needed to catch the 1:20pm flight back here.  I then called Will and he came home and we headed to the hospital about 10am.  When we got to triage, I was monitored for an hour and found out that my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart! I was still only 1.5cm dilated, so not "in labor" yet.  That's when I found out that not only was my father out of town, but so were my doctors! The triage nurse called the doctor who goes on call for them when they are gone (Dr. Hutchinson) and she had me walk for an hour to see if I'd progress.  When we got done, I was dilated to 2 cm and contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, with that change I was officially "in labor."  I was admitted at 1pm.  My dad wasn't able to catch the 1:20pm flight and they had to wait for a 7:30pm flight, so he kept telling me to wait! By the time I was in my room, all set up, I was 3 cm.  Dr. Hutchinson came in at 2:30pm and broke my water, which is the WEIRDEST feeling ever! Just like you peed all over yourself and then every time you move you do it over and over again!  I hung on until 6cm and contractions were 1-2 minutes apart before I broke down and got an epidural.  I have no clue what time that was because when those contractions came, I couldn't focus on anything or anyone but getting through it and they were coming so fast and hard! I labored for a long time on the birth ball which really helped, but the contractions were making me get sick a few times. After the epidural,  I was me again! I could actually focus on enjoying the fact that I was having a baby!  My dad and stepmom finally got to the hospital at 9pm and they were so happy that they had made it! By 11pm I was 10cm and ready t0 go! My nurse called Dr. Hutchinson to get there.  About 10 pushes later I pulled my little girl into the world MYSELF! It was so amazing but the first thing I could say through my tears of joy was "She's so gross!"  Everyone started laughing, including myself! I did tear a little bit, which was one of my fears, but I only got about 5 stitches.  Of course Will was there with me and mom, but my dad and stepmom got to be there too.  I didn't think that they wanted to be but they later said that they really did but it was up to me.  I told them that it was up to them and they were SO HAPPY that they were there to see Hayden be born.  My dad still thanks me for one of the happiest moments in his life.  That makes me feel great.  Everyone was crying and so overwhelmed with joy.  

Hayden Isabella came into the world at 12:26am on Saturday, June 20, 2009.  She was 7lbs 7.2oz and 21 inches long.  She's a miracle and we are so in love!  We came home on Father's Day at 4pm,  Will and my dad got the best Father's Day present of their lives!   

Freshly squeezed
Fresh and clean with a mohawk
My precious baby girl
Grandma, Gramps, Daddy, and Grammy
Proud grandpa and daddy
4 generations

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

38 weeks!

We're coming down to the wire! Baby's allowed to come ANYTIME! I just wish she knew that! I had my weekly doctor appointment today and sadly... not much has changed.  I'm 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  Dr. Mainman said that he wouldn't be surprised if I went tonight, or in two weeks... nice.  Positive thinking... this week...this week... this week...

On another note, we took pregnancy pictures this weekend at the place where we got married! (The Stillwell House).  Our friends Evan and Katie took them! Evan did a wonderful job! I absolutely love them! I can't wait to see the rest because all we have right now is a sneak peek! Here they are!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 37 adventures!

Well my  37th week started of with a boom! I had a regular appointment yesterday that didn't turn out quite as regular.  First off, I gained 5 lbs in 1 week!! ICK!!! Last week I lost 2lbs! The doctor said it's just water weight and not to worry... but still!! The number is WAY too high.  

Then... I found out things are happening!!! Woo hoo!! I'm actually dilated!! It's only 1 cm, but you've gotta start somewhere!!

Then... she hooked me up to the baby monitor to monitor her movements.  I had to sit there for an hour and a half, alone in a room, with a magazine that I went through in about 15 minutes.  All I heard was the baby's heart beat, which is a lovely sound... but an hour and a half of just that gets a little old.  

Apparently, they didn't get what they wanted to see on the monitor, so I was told to go eat lunch, and then go to L & D at St. Joes and be monitored there.  I called Will, my mom, and my dad, because I was nervous.  Will got off work and met me at Bruegger's Bagels and I could hardly eat even though I was starving.  I had half of my bagel and we headed to Triage at L & D. I had the whole shabang and had to wear a hospital gown with nothing underneath and be hooked up to the baby monitor.  An hour or so later, they said she passed, everything looked good and I could go.  Phew!

While we were there, Will decided that he didn't like the name that we picked for the third time and now wants to change it again.  Even though the last two name changes were my fault, we agreed that we weren't changing it again, but apparently that's out the door! I really like the name he suggested, even though it's a name that I originally suggested and have suggested each time we've changed the name, and he's turned it down each time.  Oh well... I love it, but I love the one we chose this last time too.  So, we're just going to wait and see which name fits her better when she gets here!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

36 wks

Here's the new growth chart we found at HomeGoods! It's so cute!  I want to show the rest of the room but since we're trying to keep the name mostly a surprise... I can't!

Here's the potty rocker that Dad and Gail got us for our shower! 
And finally me at 36 wks... looking big!

Hudson Edward

I'm an aunt!! My stepsister, Ashley, welcomed her little boy into the world this morning! My dad was sending me text updates as of 4:45am.  I'm not sure of the exact time he was born, but he is 8lbs 3oz! She was told that she was going to have little baby, but it turns out he was pretty big!! Go Ashley!! They wanted to keep the gender a surprise, but she really hoped for a boy, and she got it! I knew she was having a boy the whole time! Now our parents get one of each grandchildren in a month!! Woo Hoo!! I'm hoping next week will be my turn!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

36 weeks!

I had my 36 wk appointment this morning and actually got checked! I was hoping to hear that *something* was happening.  That just wasn't the case.  Looks like the baby is quite content in my ribs for now.  I'm not dilated but my cervix is soft, whatever that means.  The doctor said that if I was to go into labor tomorrow, he would be fine with it, so that's good to hear! I don't think that's happening though.  I'm still hoping for 2 more weeks because we have pregnancy pictures scheduled for June 13th.  If she comes before that.... no pictures... eh... I'd rather have the baby anyway.  

I did get to spend 2 hours waiting on base to change my name with them again.  2 hours to be seen for 5 minutes and take a new picture.  Hmm... AND... the stupid lady at the ID place told me out of no where "If you want to come back later you can retake your picture."  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!  That was even BEFORE I took my picture!!  I looked at her, then Will, then her again... with a confused face.  She then said "Sometimes with that (looking at my belly) your face swells."  Ummm... thanks for the advice.  Will looked at me and smirked because he knew that I was shocked by what she said to me.  How about I make that decision?!  I was offended!  I just told her that I already have chubby cheeks, but I'm not sure that my face is swollen, thanks. Ewww.... whatever.  Who says that?! Although, my picture is not great... I look cross-eyed for some reason... joy.  I don't usually have to show my military ID anyway.  
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