Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow Day and a Storage Thingy

The snow day we had hit our school BIG TIME.  Of course, we still had school as normal.  I figured I'd only have a few kids because our last snow day I had 7 of my 27 kids.  This snow day I had 16 of my 22.  

Here's our playground.
My first 6 kids this morning.  I was hoping we'd stop at this number, but... we didn't.
Our courtyardish area.

More courtyard

And the storage thingy that we put together for Harlow's room! So far, the pink box has a pair of jeans we got at Target for her, the blue one has a hat and socks we were given, the green one has onesies we were given, and the middle rainbow box has hair ribbons and headbands I couldn't resist for her!

1 comment:

smkoch said...

Why did school never look like that when I grew up in good old AZ!!!
Wow, thats a lot of kids... last year at the school I went to the numbers were like 2-5 in a class on the snow day!

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