Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The latest appointment

So, when we had our "big" appointment, Harlow's head was measuring a little bit small.  Not too small that is was scary.  She was just a little bit petite.  I had my regular appointment yesterday and my doctor said that he wasn't worried about it after he looked at the measurements.  Her head measured at 18w 2d.  Her femur was 18w 6d.  He said her head and belly were pretty much in line.  When I had that appointment I was 19 weeks.  Now at 22 weeks I have only gained 5 lbs.  That's really good because I've already got enough chub that I don't need to gain much at all.  My doctor set me up to get another ultrasound that will measure Harlow and make sure that she's still growing pretty close to on track.  That appointment is March 27th.  

On another note, I'm feeling her moving more and more! I love it! It's the best feeling!! 

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Chip and Dani Brown said...

OOoooo...don't you LOVE feeling her?! I actually miss that quite a bit when I'm not pregnant : ) It's fun to have them all to yourself for awhile! And how fun that you get to have another U/S.

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