Monday, August 31, 2009

Headbands and tutus galore!

So, I'm having fun making bows, flower, and tutus!! Maybe I'll be able to start up a little business! Hopefully, I'll get a more cooperative model soon. Hayden doesn't like being my model right now, but she does like wearing them. Apparently, by the time I get her to model, she's hungry, and won't wait one more minute! Haha!! So, enjoy the bows, flowers, and the tutu that I've made. I've actually made quite a few other ones, but my model hasn't let me put them on her for pictures as of yet!


shanezgirl said...

I just love the headbands! The expression in the red one is priceless.

SNM said...

OMG--I love Hayden in those tutu's! How do you make them? Here's a better question, "Can I send you money and you make one for me?'! Hayden is a beautiful little girl. When do you start back to work? It's definitely easier to leave your second than your first. I was a baske case the ONE day Charlie did daycare! Are you on facebook?

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