Friday, September 4, 2009

10 weeks

So, these pictures are a bit random and out of order, but you can still enjoy my growing baby girl! I know I do! This week she's getting stronger than ever! I'm loving my time with her while I am not working! I wish so much that I could just stay home with her. It breaks my heart that I have to go back to work, even though I know she'll be in good hands.

Here she's in a tutu that I made and her headband matched perfectly!
We visited our friend Bee-Jai and her beautiful new twin boys, Parker and Benjamin! Bee-Jai took these great pictures of us. Here are just a few!

Here's my morning snuggle bunny! About 5 or 6am, she wakes up again and I usually just put her in bed with me until we really get up.
This is the beautiful face I wake up to every morning! Again, I wish this would flip.
I tried to get her to model my headbands for me, but this is the only one she sat through!! I know it's massive, but it's so stinkin' cute on her!

We had breakfast at our favorite place, Bread and Butter Cafe, with mom and grandma. It was so frustrating that grandma wouldn't look in any of the pictures!!
Here's Hayden dressed for the day!
Naked girl!!
Now we get the 10 week pictures! I had her wear another tutu I made her! She's so beautiful!

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