Thursday, October 8, 2009

Long awaited Florida trip...

Ok... Georgia and Lori got on my case about not updating in forever. For you two... this took me 2 hours to get all the pictures uploaded!! Take and enjoy.

Here we are at a stop in New Mexico!
Bubble queen!
Kickin' it along the way.
At the Border Patrol stop in El Paso.
Finally made it half way and stopped to stay the night at my grandma's sister's house in Brookshire, Texas. This is Aunt Johnnie and Uncle Howard.
Scariest city to drive through was San Antonio!
Cool pistol decoration on I-10 in Alabama...or was it Louisiana? I don't remember. They all mooshed together.
Stopped in Alabama

The tragic SuperDome in New Orleans.
Entering Mississippi
Taking the bottle from me...
Finally in Florida... sooooo tired.

Will's dad's house in the woods. Our first 3 days were spent here.
Will and his sister, Kayla... and Socks.

Will's stepmom, Krista, her daugher Jaden, Kayla and Will
Will and his dad
Sorting through pictures

Hayden, Jaden, and me
The raccoon above the bathroom... lovely.
Hayden and Papi
Kiki and Hayden
Brother and sister at the Tallahassee Museum
Will and a bald eagle

Huge gator!

Soo beautiful!

They have a little history town... and this scenario is a slave trying to get work.
Place of stay number two in Florida. Will's grandparent's house. Here they are with Will's cousin's Aaron and Anna.

His Aunt Carlene and Uncle Norman

Playing Star Wars with his brother, Dakota.

And video games...
Poor Will being tickled...
The result of being tickled by a 4 year old.

His Aunt Regina and her family.
Disney World!!

Disney's Animal Kingdom!!

His Uncle Russell's place... where their hobby is hunting and taxidermy... enjoy.

Yes, this is I-10!
Wild turkey's on the road leaving his dad's house!

Enjoying New Orleans on the way home.
Finally home!

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SNM said...

CANNOT IMAGINE DOING ALL OF THAT WITH MY BABIES!!! Looked like ya'll had a wonderful time. The picture with Johnnie and Howard....Johnnie looks strikingly like Retha. Kinda creeped me out a little. Love me some Johnnie and Howard!

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