Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why yes, that was me in handcuffs on the side of I-10

On my way home from work, going 10 mph (due to ridiculous construction) down I-10 and Houghton, I pass a DPS officer on the side of the road. Not thinking anything of it, he gets behind me, then so does another one. I pull off at Rita, trying to get out of the construction and just take Valencia home, I see their light go on behind me. I thought they'd just go around seeing how I did NOTHING wrong. But no. "I hear stick your hands out the window!" I look and the officer has his gun in hand. Then he had me turn off my vehicle, give him the keys, and step outside. Then, I had to walk to the back of his car. That's when the handcuffs came out... and I was handcuffed. I'm flipping out because A) I DID NOTHING WRONG and B) I have traffic going 10 mph next to me, thus, parents, teachers, all can see me clear as day handcuffed on the side of the freeway.

So, apparently, my license plate was listed as STOLEN.

Back story:
Will's F-150 had the license plate stolen 2 years ago, while he was at my mom's house. My mom helped him make a report. He got a new plate, we thought all was done. We got this brand new Corolla in August and DMV sent us a brand new plate. Somehow, between then and now, DMV and TPD got those license plate numbers switched. So, the one on my Corolla was listed as the one that my husband reported as stolen. Lovely.

The officers let me get out of the handcuffs when my story was matching up and they called TPD. I had to go down to the police department and get the two license plates switched. The officers told me that Will and my mom both owed me a beer, seeing how they made the reports! We still have no idea how the brand new license plate number got switched from the one stolen 2 years ago.

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Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! How embarrassing, but how funny to laugh at now, right? :) I bet your heart was beating a million miles a minute...


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