Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whoops... It's been a while

Sorry that I've neglected the blog for a while!  Hayden's now 13 months old and I'm 13 weeks pregnant with baby number 2! It's been a wild few months! It's been hard going back to work and being pregnant, and missing my sugar pea.  Hayden's getting so big now and has 3 teeth!! She popped her bottom right, then her top right! Now she has her bottom left, and hopefully her top left will join soon!! Here's some of my little 13 month old!

Eating is so tiring!

Taking Daddy's water bottle

She likes to climb inside the fridge any chance she can get!

She's learned to climb on Great Grandma's coffee table!
My 27th birthday
My Godmother found some video clips from when I was little.  Here's a few images.  Do you think Hayden looks like me?

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