Saturday, January 17, 2009

Homecoming and a surprise...

Our story begins with Will's 1st deployment to Iraq.  He left my first day of summer break, May 23 2008.  It felt like the longest 4 1/2 months of my life.  It was so hard being away from your best friend and not having any way of contacting him, until he called.  

With a delayed homecoming and being 
stuck in Qatar for much longer than expected, we were ansy and upset that plans had to change and Will wasn't going to be home as soon as we expected.  Long story short, Will finally made his arrival back home on October 1st.  

Exactly 22 days later, October 22, 2008.  I found that we were no longer going to be a couple, but a family.  This news was very exciting and terrifying at the same time.  I found out at 5:30am, before work, and immediately woke Will up to look at the faint second line.  He definitely saw it and hugged me as I cried, filled with so many emotions.  I then, sent a text to Lindsey telling her my new findings, and confirmed that I was pregnant.  That day was kind of a blur to me.  I made an appointment to go on base and get a blood 
test after work.  I rushed out at 2:15pm and barely made it in time to get the lab work done.  They then said that they'd call the next day to tell me the results.  I was dying! I begged them to try to find out as quickly as possible, but they said they couldn't.  Thankfully, somehow, I got a call 2 hours later telling me, "Congratulations! It's positive!"  Of course I had to take 2 more tests just to see the lines come up! 

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