Tuesday, March 3, 2009

23 weeks exactly

So here we are... 23 weeks!! I can't believe it!! My belly is definitely bigger... note the picture.  I feel Harlow moving a lot now! Will's even felt her move! It's such an amazing feeling! Please forgive me for looking exhausted in this picture... it's been a very long day.  Will normally takes my picture but right now he's in Biology until 10:30pm.  I'm not waiting up.  Sorry.  I'm as exhausted as I look. 

Here's Harlow's room! Will put the shelving unit and the flowers and butterfly up Sunday and Monday.  Oy those shelves sure gave him a fight.  I just left him to curse up a storm at the wall and the shelves... but they look great!! I found those glittery flowers when we went to Babies R Us to register this weekend! Will picked out the butterfly. It's so cute! 

Speaking of Babies R Us... our registry is up online so, you know... feel free to check it out and... if you feel so compelled... we need that stuff! :o)

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