Sunday, May 10, 2009

Master's Graduation and Baby Stuff

Well these are completely out of order, but oh well... you'll get it.

Yay! We're done!!
The beautiful leather Coach bag that dad and Gail got me for graduation!

The graduates with our hubbies!
Lookin' good!  Geez... look at my belly!  Oy!
The four of us!  Bobbee, Breanne, Me, and Vickie!  Done!
There's me walking!
More Sedona!
The view from the Trading Post aka "creepy skinned animal place."
Me and Mom in Sedona
Our cute family (so far!)
My darling hubby and I at 32wks 5 days pregnant!

Will in his coon skin cap in the creepy trading post place.
Now onto the baby stuff! I think we're pretty much ready... I still have the church baby shower next Saturday, and hopefully my registry will get taken care of, but we have a lot already!

Here's all the diapers we have so far! I think we're set with size 1! We need more 2 and 3!
Here's Charli's closet so far, I currently have more clothes in the washer that we just bought her on our way home from Flagstaff... She's always going to be dressed cute!
Will's Florida Gator's diaper bag that mom got him for his birthday!
Charli's going home outfit!
Charli's hospital bag is packed!
The shoes Charli has so far!
Leo testing his sister's bouncer...
He approves and says that it's tons of fun!
Bloated, tired... and 32 weeks pregnant!
The beautiful rocking horse that Aunt Carole got for Charli!

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Anonymous said...

Whoah thats alot of diapers..You probably won't go through all those 1's!! Olivia is already in size 2 and shes 3 months old and only weighs 11-12 pds. Congrats on your masters thats a fantastic accomplishment! FYI Olivia has the same dress and shoes that Charli will have when she comes home =) They can match

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