Friday, May 22, 2009

Ready for baby!

We're officially ready for Charli to come.  Well... ready in the physical sense.  I think mental and emotional too... After I got home from my last day of school (WOO HOO!!) we went to Babies R Us and Target to get the last of the stuff we need.  We got a swing, monitor, bath, more Dreft, more Johnson & Johnson lavender wash stuff, a lamp, and hangers.  I think that's about it.  Probably no, but oh well... that's the gist of things.  

When we came home I was anxious to set up the pack and play that my 1st grade team got us!! Here it is!! It took me a little while but I did it!! (With only 2 minor helps from Will!)  It's set up in our room, on my side! All it's waiting for is a beautiful baby girl!!

Yes, that's a Gus butt sticking out from underneath... of course he has to investigate the new toy!

1 comment:

gmama09 said...

The orange rug underneath is a nice touch!

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