Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hayden's first Easter was great! She was treated very well by everyone! She had 3 Easter baskets!  We started the morning off at church then went to my Grandma's for lunch.  We then went over to her church and saw the rededication of the memorial garden where my Papa is buried.  Hayden got to see his plaque and the tree in his honor.

My little Easter Bunny!
Showing Mommy the glitter cup that the Easter Bunny brought her!
Reading her card from Mommy and Daddy
Seeing Papa's plaque, yes I fixed the camera, but then she didn't look
Now you can see Papa's plaque (the middle one) and Hayden not looking
At the Memorial Garden
At Papa's tree
Playing with the rocks
Hunting for eggs with Daddy, you can clearly see the mess she causes here...
Found one!
Sorting through her eggs!

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