Monday, September 20, 2010

15 months

You are 15 months old today.  You are wild and crazy! I can't keep you still! You are so much fun! You love your fruit and I have a hard time getting you to eat anything else! You have learned how to open our bedroom doors from the inside or the outside. You head-butt EVERYTHING! You have finally started giving kisses again after being greedy with them for about a month! I love that you share your toys and your food with anyone who asks.  You're so sweet.  I love cuddling you and Daddy gets to take good naps with you sleeping on his chest.  I'm jealous! I love snuggling you on the couch before bed time.  I love that you hold your ears when you are tired and that you've done that since you were a tiny baby.  You have learned how to climb up and down on the couch and do it pretty well now.  You're still not saying any real words but you do use your sign language for "more" and "all done."  You've also started blowing kisses.  You're going to be a wonderful big sister.  I love you Sweet Pea!!

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