Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hayden is 19 months!

Hayden Isabella, 
You are a crazy 19 months old today! You are amazing and such a joy! You definitely are a drama queen though! You are so beautiful and smart! I love spending everyday with you! Your smile brightens my day and your running around the house makes me laugh! You love to lay on Leo and give him lots of love.  Thankfully he takes it well! Gus just runs from you! You love to have Mommy and Daddy read all of the Ladybug Girl books to you, everyday... multiple times.  You now have 7 teeth!! You just cut two molars and your left eye tooth.  Right now, I can't imagine your smile with lots of teeth! I love your gummy smile!  Mommy is cloth diapering you almost full time now.  Daddy doesn't like it! :o) Oh well! You love dancing and singing to music! You are in love with your baby dolls now! You take them everywhere and give them lots of love.  I know you'll be a great big sister any day now!
I love you Sweet Pea!

 You love driving with Daddy! 
 Your first ice cream cone!
 Trying on Daddy's work boots!

 At the doctor to check on the baby with Mommy and Daddy!

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