Tuesday, March 17, 2009

25 weeks

Let's start this off with the beautiful stroller we've picked out at Babies R Us.  My mom and grandma are going to get this for us!! I'm so excited! It's wonderful! If you can't tell, it's teal, green, and brown.  Very much neutral, so if we have another baby, it should still work.  

Now, I suppose this is a better picture of me than last time.  Here I am today, exactly 25 weeks.  It's really exciting to be this far along already!! Scary too! I'm 6 months along, and it's crazy to think I have roughly 3 more months left to go.  I'm suspecting it's going to go pretty quickly with how busy I am.  I'll be graduating from NAU with my masters when I'm 32 weeks pregnant! Oy! 
I'm really excited that on April 7th I officially enter my third trimester!! April 25th is my baby shower too! 

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