Monday, March 23, 2009

26 week appointment

Well, today I had my 26 week appointment, even though I'm actually 25 wk 6 days.  Everything looked great.  I told Dr. Mainman that I didn't really feel Charli moving around too much the last couple of days.  He put me on a monitor, but Charli didn't like being monitored and kept moving around (which I guess proved that she was just fine!) She was... 

Thursday I have my dreaded Gluclose test.  They kept trying to get me to come in first thing in the morning, but alas... my job doesn't easily permit these kinds of things.  They told me I can't eat 2 hrs before the appointment, which is fine.  My lunch time is at 10:45am, and I really don't get time to eat after that anyway, so my appointment is at 3:30pm.  I guess I'm just going to have to miss our faculty meeting.  It should be okay.

My busy baby week continues with Friday having to go back to St. Joe's to have my 2nd anatomy ultrasound.  Hopefully this one will tell us that she's back where she should be.  If she's still a couple of days smaller than she should be, it should be just fine though.  I know she's growing because my belly is!

I'm really excited because my next appointment is in 3 weeks, not 4! Then, after that appointment, I start my every 2 weeks appointments!! That means that we're getting closer!!  

I just got a really cool tummy mat/play thing-a-ma-jigger from my friend Julie Parker! It's really cool! With everything that we've gotten already,  I just can't wait until Charli is here!! It still seems like such a fantasy that we'll have a baby in 3 months.  Sometimes, it doesn't even seem real.  I so excited to hold my little girl!

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Georgia & Matt Johnson said...

I am glad to hear everything is going well. Let me know how the glucose test goes. Doesn't sound like fun. Also, I like the new name change! It is great.

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