Saturday, March 14, 2009

24 weeks

Ok, so... A) I look horrible in every pregnancy picture I take.  Apparently Harlow has drained any kind of "pretty" I once had...  but... here's me at 24 wks 4 days.

Here's Harlow's completed room.  We love it! It's bright and cheery.  We got the glider and changing table today and just finished figuring out where to put them in her room.  
We shifted the dresser over and the changing table is loaded up with all the newborn diapers we have and some wipes.  Alas, we are in need of the other necessities.  
Here's the comfy rocker that we got, it's very nice.  
My creativity came out today, sadly... it's not much.  I did manage to make Harlow's name though.  I think it's pretty.  
This is the view from the door way.  I think this is about as good as her room's going to get!! 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE HER ROOM!! Its so cute. DOn't worry your not the only one that got the "pretty drained out" Just wait till you have her. You won't be getting out of your pj's for awhile and you somehow all of the sudden don't care if you have to go out to target and yet have no makeup and you really aren't sure when you last brushed your hair =)...I didn't have the "glow" until the last 3 weeks.. I'm pretty sure it was just sweat from carrying around a bowling ball =)

smkoch said...

Very cute room!
Side note: I still think you are very seem to be one of those darn people that just can't take a bad I don't know what your talking about!!!

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