Monday, April 6, 2009

3rd Trimester!

I can't believe I'm finally in my 3rd trimester!! (Or as my co-worker, Aaron, calls it... the fat-mester)... he's so sensitive.  Haha! 
I'm actually cheating a little bit because technically it starts tomorrow, but I have work then class till 9:30pm.  I thought I'd just get a head start on this picture and blog.  I don't think too much is going to change overnight.  

So, apparently now,  Charli is roughly 15.75 inches tall and 2.4lbs! She's getting closer to being fully cooked! How exciting!! Equally exciting is that I'm supposed to have gained 17-24 lbs by now and as of my last appt. I'd only gained 9lbs! Holla!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

okay thats totally not fair!! your all baby & placenta!!! haa haa

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