Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Evil BEE!

So, leaving Texas Roadhouse for Will's birthday dinner with Dad and Gail... I met a bee.  Well, this wasn't a nice encounter.  No... it was an unexpected encounter.  I got in the truck and then the PAIN happened.  My right ring finger stung like a ..... LOT!  I looked down and there was the vicious bee sitting on my leg, and the stinger in my finger.  I shook my hand and my Tiffany & Co. ring went flying in the truck.  Will flicked the stinger and the then proceed to be my hero and try to suck the poison from my wound.  Man, did that thing throb!  We iced it when we got home and everything seems to be okay now.  No allergic reaction thankfully! I was scared, especially being pregnant!  We couldn't find my ring in the car, so I was really scared that it fell out of the truck when we flicked the bee outside.  Just as we were about to go back to the parking lot to look for it, Will found it in my purse! Yay!

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