Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 37 adventures!

Well my  37th week started of with a boom! I had a regular appointment yesterday that didn't turn out quite as regular.  First off, I gained 5 lbs in 1 week!! ICK!!! Last week I lost 2lbs! The doctor said it's just water weight and not to worry... but still!! The number is WAY too high.  

Then... I found out things are happening!!! Woo hoo!! I'm actually dilated!! It's only 1 cm, but you've gotta start somewhere!!

Then... she hooked me up to the baby monitor to monitor her movements.  I had to sit there for an hour and a half, alone in a room, with a magazine that I went through in about 15 minutes.  All I heard was the baby's heart beat, which is a lovely sound... but an hour and a half of just that gets a little old.  

Apparently, they didn't get what they wanted to see on the monitor, so I was told to go eat lunch, and then go to L & D at St. Joes and be monitored there.  I called Will, my mom, and my dad, because I was nervous.  Will got off work and met me at Bruegger's Bagels and I could hardly eat even though I was starving.  I had half of my bagel and we headed to Triage at L & D. I had the whole shabang and had to wear a hospital gown with nothing underneath and be hooked up to the baby monitor.  An hour or so later, they said she passed, everything looked good and I could go.  Phew!

While we were there, Will decided that he didn't like the name that we picked for the third time and now wants to change it again.  Even though the last two name changes were my fault, we agreed that we weren't changing it again, but apparently that's out the door! I really like the name he suggested, even though it's a name that I originally suggested and have suggested each time we've changed the name, and he's turned it down each time.  Oh well... I love it, but I love the one we chose this last time too.  So, we're just going to wait and see which name fits her better when she gets here!

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