Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reasons Why I Smile

Here are the top two reasons right here:

  •  Will, my wonderful, loving, sometimes frustrating, handsome husband.
  •  Hayden Isabella, my beautiful, happy, cuddly, daughter.

  • Hugs.  You just can't go wrong... well... I guess if it's a creepy stranger hug, you can go wrong, but you know what I mean.
  • Know Jesus is my savior, and knowing that I have a beautiful inheritance coming.
  • A clean house! It's rare, but it sure makes me happy!
  • My Rainbow flip flops.
  • A Sonic Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke... mmmmmmm!

  • Flowers growing in my backyard.  
  • Seeing Hayden splash in her pool!

  • Making hair accessories.  I've listed a bunch on my Etsy ( ).  If you want to check them out.  My friend owns the scrapbook store, Making Memories and is going to try to sell them for me there too!  The newest poppy headbands are for adults.  They are fun to make!

  • A good kiss from my husband!  He sure is cute!
  • GIRLS NIGHT!! Life sure doesn't allow for many of those anymore!
  • Dresses that make me feel pretty! 
    • Being told that I look pretty or beautiful... even if I don't believe it.
    • ANTHROPOLOGIE! Now, if only I could A) Fit in to their stuff again. B) Afford it.  But if I could I would buy everything out of there!
  • Dancing.  I mean a good booty dance or a sweet slow dance with a sexy husband! Come on! you know you like it too! 
  • Reality tv... I know... my husband despises it, but I sure do enjoy it!  The Hills, Real Housewives, Kendra, all the TLC shows! (Too bad I don't get too much time to watch them anymore since a certain baby occupies my time and attention!)
  • Lastly... I say this only in the hopes that positive thinking makes me want to do it... running.  
    • I actually hate working out, thus the still gigantic baby bloated physique that I am still sporting with my daughter turning a year in 2 weeks.  
    • I ran for the first time in for---ev---er tonight.  I did a mile in 17:07.  Hey... it's a start.
Now, tell me what makes you smile!


Chip and Dani Brown said...

Things that make me smile:

- Chip
- my four "little loves"
- date nights!
- ice cream
- knowing Jesus
- fun times with friends
- Chipotle burritos
- flip flops
- building sandcastles with Chip
- long + hot showers

There are more, for sure, but I will just give you those 10 :) Thanks for sharing yours, Staci!

Anonymous said...

Things that make me smile
-Knowing Jesus
-My amazing hubby
-My 2 beautiful girls
-Arizona Summer Nights
-Flip Flops
-Hanging out @ Sbucks
-reading while taking a bubble bath

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