Monday, March 7, 2011

Hayden is 20 months!

Well, this post is a little overdue. Hayden turned 20 months on the 20th!


You are turning into such a big girl! I love being around you and your blossoming personality! You are definitely a feisty little girl! You love to read books and I often find you in your room with all of your books off of your shelf! You startle very easily which makes me laugh! You jump out of your skin if I walk in and you're doing something you shouldn't! We're still working on getting you talking. We took you for a speech evaluation and you were marked as severely delayed.  That worries us, but we know you understand everything, you just aren't saying words.  You'd rather sign.  And, you are picking up new signs very quickly.  I just can't wait to hear you really talking and saying "Mommy."

You LOVE your baby sister! It's wonderful to see you loving on her and holding her hand as we all snuggle on the couch.  You give her the best kisses!

You are 24.2 lbs, I'm not sure how tall you are but I'm guessing around 32 inches.  You are wearing 18-24 month clothes and size 5 shoes.  You're in size 4 diapers, but wear cloth diapers most of the time at home.  You're hair is getting so long! I love it! You finally started to eat more! You actually ate spaghetti the other night! I was so proud of you! You have 9 teeth.  The front top 4, bottom 2, and 3 molars.  I think you have a bottom front tooth coming in too.  You are an excellent teether because I never know when your teeth are coming in!

I think our next challenge is going to be potty training! I have no idea how to do it and you don't want to yet! In time... in time...

I love you big girl!

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