Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well, Hayden knows her potty seat.  But... thinks of it as a nice little seat in the bathroom.  We've I've tried getting her to sit on it naked, but she screams! She does NOT like sitting over an open crevice naked.  Really, who can blame her?!  Here, she came and sat on it while I was getting ready.  Note: She has khaki shorts on.  There's no trying to go potty here. :o(

But, she is the light of my life! 

She's rediscovered the swing that she HATED as a baby.  Now, it makes a great seat to enjoy some Disney Channel in.

Here's the other light of my life today.  She's really coming into her own.  She's looking more like a beautiful little girl than just a newborn. I can't say she's a "happy" baby yet. She's definitely feisty. She's a snuggler and doesn't like to be set down for long.  She's also a car screamer. She does NOT like to be in the car at all.  Screams the WHOLE way most of the time. Hopefully she out grows that... soon.

Yes, this is a little intimate.  Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, but I love it.  I love that this is the beautiful view I have of my sweet Ellabug most of my day. I love having her curled up on my lap, holding tight to me.  It's even more special having experienced what we did with her during her third week of life.  Trying to nurse her through wires and needles all throughout my precious angel, was hard, emotionally and physically.  I knew she needed me and that I was her comfort when she was so little and didn't know what was going on.  All she knew was that Mommy was there, Mommy was trying to keep her calm, and comfortable.  I love her.

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